1 Chronicles 23 (December 25)

                                                                       Good and Great

            “…to consecrate the most holy things…”

            Any person in this world has the capacity of committing the most horrendous crimes ever.  An executive in a Fortune 500 company, a homeless person, a housewife, a police officer and even a pastor, can become murderers, thieves, drug-addicts and adulterers.

            But thanks be to God that even though all of us can reach this degree of perversion, only a few of us ever do!  The Holy Spirit is our Guide.  As an expert Captain, he steers our lives away from “Icebergs of Indifference,” “Storms of Sorrow” and “Volcanoes of Vice,” and leads into “…green pastures …beside still waters” (Psalm 23:2).  The hand of God keeps us from many sins.

            The tragedy among Christians is not found mainly among the minority who are in a back-sliding state.  A greater distress is to see how many of us wander around in the “Mud of Mediocrity.”

            The problem with some of us is that we never consecrate our lives to the “most holy things.”  We spend a great deal of our time doing good things such as working and watching TV at home with the family.  There may be nothing wrong with such things, but then again there is nothing great either.

            Why must we be mediocre Christians, when we can be ministers of Christ?

            Why should we dedicate so much time to that which is good, when we can do great things for God?

            Do you want to do just good things or great things?

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