2 Samuel 7 (October 1)

                                                   A Better Plan

            “I will build a house…”

            King David had a great desire in his heart: He wanted to build a house or temple for the Lord. There was nothing wrong with his desire, but he was not the right person for the job.

            David wanted to build a temple for Yahweh in the city of Jerusalem, but instead God ended up building a house (royal dynasty) for David. Out this royal house came our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, according to the flesh.

            David dreamed of a majestic temple in which the Lord could be worshiped and his holy name magnified. God, on the other hand, was establishing the Davidic line out of which Jesus the Messiah would be born one day.

            David planned to build an earthly house, while God prepared an eternal one. Many times we have the desire to do great things for God; things that are noble and true, but God foils our best-laid plans. It may be, or better yet I am sure, that God has a better plan in mind.

            Do not despair, then, when things don’t turn out as you planned them—even if those plans are spiritual and holy—for God, who knows more than we do, has a greater purpose and plan for our lives.

            Our best plans and desires may never come to pass, but God’s will, will always be accomplished. That’s why it’s so important that his plans be our plans and that we desire whatever God desires.

            What are your plans today?

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