1 Chronicles 22 (December 24)

                                                      No Experience Needed

            “…provided material in great quantity…”

            The father of a large family suddenly found himself unemployed and on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  Day after day, he scrutinized the classified section of the newspaper for a job, but to no avail.

            On one hand, most jobs required a degree and years of experience, while a host of vocational and technical schools promised a great training for the “jobs of the future.”  The only problem was that he needed a job now.  After weeks of fruitless job-hunting, he read an ad that said, “No experience necessary, we will train.”  That was his big break!

            When the Lord called us to become Christians, he told us to come as we were. None of us had experience in being a Christian or were “prepared” for such honor. He called us, not because He saw any merit or future faith in us. He chose to save us by pure grace.

            David’s offer to build a temple for God was rejected temporarily until Solomon’s reign.  David, however, did his best to prepare all the materials for the construction of God’s house.

            Once again, balance is vital.  Serving God without proper preparation or training can reach a plateau of mediocrity, but spending countless years in training to serve the Lord, could be a wasted time if there is not an active involvement in a ministry.

            God uses the layman as well as the brilliant theologian.  The first must learn more; the latter, serve more.  Let our lives be a mixture of constant training and service.  In other words, let’s practice what we learn and learn from what we practice.

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