1 Chronicles 29 (December 31)

                                                                   A Great Work

            “…and the work is great…”

            Today is the final day of this year.  We have enjoyed many blessings and faced quite a few terrible storms on the way.  God will be faithful in the New Year, but what about us?

            The challenges that we will face in the next 365 days will be great, challenging and uncertain.  We don’t know what will become of us, or if our dreams will come true.  One thing we can do is to enter the New Year with great faith and determined to do as David did,

            “…so far as I was able…”

            God has called us to be courageous and dedicated men and women in Christ.  We can decide today to follow Jesus more closely this year.  God will help us, but we need to be:

            “…strong and very courageous” (Joshua 1:7)

             We do not fear the future, for the future belongs to our Father.  God will give us the power we need to overcome, because as David said,

            “…it is in your hand…”

            Our hands are weak, and our power very limited, but our Omnipotent Father rejoices to,

             “…give strength to all.”

             Let us pray that God will fill our hearts with the power of his Spirit, to be able to fulfill our great work in Christ and have victory in everything.

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