Closed Eyes (Leviticus 20)

            “And if the people of the land should ever close their eyes…”

Different people have different discipline philosophies.  Some parents are so strict, that their house resembles a modified version of a “boot camp.”  They do not allow any disrespect or disobedience and offenders are punished severely.

On the other extreme, there are parents that allow almost anything.  They close their eyes or “turn a blind eye” to the sins of their offspring and never discipline them.  No wonder we have so many juvenile delinquents today!

Many followers of Christ fall under this last category.  We look at sin, but somehow we do not see it.  Could it be that we close our eyes to sin?  Or perhaps it is that our eyes are so accustomed to evil, that we are not able to distinguish anymore. The closer we get to the light of the gospel, the darker will sin and temptations  appear unto us, and the less inclined we will be to commit sins against our God.

The place where we are almost “blind” to sin is in our own lives.  That is precisely why God encourages us to examine ourselves to uproot any evil or bitterness, but unfortunately we close our eyes once more.

When you look at the world of today, do you see sin?  If you would look a little closer, perhaps you could detect traces of evil around you.  There is temptation and sin in movies, television shows, advertisement and almost everywhere else.

Do not close your eyes to sin, especially your own.  Do not close your eyes also to the sinners that need to know about salvation in Christ.  Let us open our eyes to sin, not to fall into it, but to be alert and prepared against it.

A. G.

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