1 Chronicles 24 (December 26)

                                                             Books and More Books

            “…recorded them in the presence of the king…”

            “Mom, does God have computers in heaven?”

            “I don’t know son, why do you ask?”  The mother replied.

            “Because the Sunday school teacher says that everything we do, is written in heaven.”

            I truly don’t know exactly what recording system is used by God.  Be it angels, books, computers or something unknown to us, the fact is that a “book” is being written about every single individual on this planet.

            What is recorded in this book?


            God is recording everything in that book; our actions and reactions; our thoughts and deeds and our sins and virtues.  These books (it must be more than one) clearly reflect the total sum of our lives, from beginning to end.

            A store or bank surveillance camera can detect our movements and perhaps even a few words, but will never be able to record our attitude, desires or thoughts—only God can do that.

            What an awesome impact must the perennial scrutiny of heaven have upon our lives!  Our lifestyle cries out for a total change, a daily renewal and a constant quest for improvement.  Let us walk in wisdom and godliness; watching every step we take and measuring all our words, thoughts and deeds with the Word of God.

            What is being written about you?

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