Sacred Food (Leviticus 22)

            “No lay person shall eat of the sacred…”

A priest’s food was sacred; it was to be eaten only by him and those in his household and only within the temple’s confines.  No lay person was allowed to even touch that food.

A Christian’s food is also sacred.  We feed on the holy Word of God; which is more potent and balanced than the most nutritious breakfast.  In the Bible we find vitamins for the soul and protein for our spirits.

God’s Word, however, is not a magical book, but it is full of divine power.  When we read the word, we are receiving a transfusion of spiritual strength and wisdom; we are connected with the Lord of the universe!

Christ said:  “Do not throw pearls before swine” (Matthew 7:6).  He meant that many people are like spiritual pigs that cannot understand or even appreciate the eternal value of God’s word.  These “pigs” are unbelievers who are spiritually dead and cannot grasp the simplicity or “foolishness” (as they call it) of the Gospel.

Beloved, you can understand the Word of God and you must feed on it every day for the rest of your life.  The Holy Spirit is in you, and He will illuminate your mind as you read the Word, so you can fully comprehend what God is communicating to you.  He will also remind you of what has already been learned.

Therefore when you open the Bible, first open your mind and heart to God.  Come with a spirit of humility and a desire to hear from God and obey what he says.  He will feed you personally; He will give you exactly what you need.

A. G.

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