In His Courts (Leviticus 21)

            “He shall not go outside the sanctuary…”

            There is a verse in the Bible that has always touched my heart. This verse declares that there is no better place to be than in the presence of the Almighty God. I pray that this becomes a reality in my own life, as it was in the life of David, who said:

“For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere.”

These were the words of the kingly psalmist (Psalm 84:10).  He understood the imperative need to be in God’s house to worship the Lord and fellowship with other believers.  To him it was not an obligation, but a pure joy.

The priest was forbidden to leave the tabernacle.  To go outside of the sanctuary meant a desecration of the tent of meeting, for the anointing of God was upon him.

Today, there is no tabernacle and there are no Jewish priests, but the same principle applies.  It is good for us to attend church regularly to spend quality time with the Lord.  Regrettably we have to go out of the sanctuary to devote our time to work, school and other mundane activities.

Our purpose in attending church should be to worship God and to be equipped for the ministry.  Then when we leave the sanctuary, our goal should be to minister to the world.

The psalmist desired to be in God’s presence more than anything in the world.  In fact, a day with the Lord was more valuable to him than a thousand without Him.

Is that your aim?

Do you spend time with God?

Do you enjoy spending time with the Lord?

Is your heart inside his holy sanctuary?

A. G.

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