1 Chronicles 16 (December 20)

                                                               First Things, First

            “Seek the Lord and his strength…”

            A rich man went out one day on a worldwide trip to find the love of his life.  He searched for a long time and in every corner of the globe, but was unable to find it.  Love was nor for sale, and could not be found in any activity or event.  Finally, he returned home greatly disillusioned.

            Nevertheless, the love of his life was closer than he would have ever imagined.  A few blocks from his mansion, lived a beautiful and virtuous damsel who had secretly loved him for many years.  One day, they met at the local park and that was beginning of a fairy-tale-like love.

            The followers of Christ act sometimes like this young man.  We seek God’s power and his blessings, but have a hard time finding it.  We move from church to church, attend revival conferences and get involved in a myriad of ministries for the purpose of finding this power, but our search yields very little fruit.

            This frenetic quest produces very little power in our lives, but we “collect” a great amount of stress and even frustration. Is this the abundant life that Jesus promised in the Gospel of John?

            If you want the power that comes from God, you must first seek the God of power. “Seek the Lord…” said David in this psalm of thanksgiving and only then we will find strength and power. Don’t be like the multitudes that followed Jesus for miracles or a free lunch. Follow Him and the power and blessing will follow you.                                          

            Is this the longing of your heart?

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