1 Chronicles 15 (December 19)

                                                                  Healthy Hearts

            “…and she despised him in her heart.”

             Our physical heart is a very complicated organ, which resembles sophisticated industrial machinery.  It is divided into four compartments called ventricles, and from it emanates a myriad of veins and arteries.  The heart is a pump that sends blood all over our body.

            Cardiology is the science that investigates the mysteries of the human heart.  A cardiologist advises people to take care of their hearts with a balanced diet, exercise and avoiding toxins (fat, alcohol, drugs, sweets, cigarettes, etc.).  If we follow the doctor’s advice, it is highly possible that we might live longer and our hearts will function much better.

            Our spiritual heart is more important than the physical counterpart, simply because it is the center of our being; the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. Our heart is our spirit; our inner being, where the emotions, thoughts and will, converge and disperse to the rest of our being. Therefore it is necessary to keep it clean, pure, orderly and well fed with God’s Word.

            Every root of bitterness, hatred or sin, must be pulled from our hearts.  The Bible teaches that even a bad thought is a sin, so is not what we say or do, but what we think or devise in our hearts that deserves condemnation in hell.

            Let us then, keep watch over our hearts at all times and drive away any evil “germ” that attempts to infect it.  A victorious Christian life depends on a healthy heart.

            Is your heart healthy?

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