1 Chronicles 11 (December 15)

                                                           Beer of Death; Living Water

            “O that someone would give me water to drink…”

            Many years ago, I watched the following commercial:

            A man was crawling in the hot dessert sands; holding on to dear life.  He had not drunk water for three days and his strength was almost gone.  Death was imminent, but all of the sudden he saw a light in the distance.

            Gasping for breath, the man found new strength and ran to the house.  Before he could reach the “oasis” just ahead, the family—who had seen him struggle—came towards him with a tall glass of icy water.

            The tired and almost dead man paused and asked them, “Do you have (brand name) beer?”

            “No sir, but we can give you water, soda, juice and even a good shake!”

            “Thanks, but no thanks!”  Replied the thirsty pilgrim at the end, preferring death, rather than drinking anything else than his favorite beer. The advertisement ends with the man continuing to walk across the desert searching for his beer.

            This (adapted) commercial illustrates a great truth:  All human beings are thirsty.  The devil offers to quench this thirst with worldly pleasures, alcohol, drugs, power, money, sex, parties and a host of tempting alternatives.

            Jesus, on the other hand, offers his presence, his Word and the guidance and fullness of the Holy Spirit.  He promised that rivers of living waters would flow inside of those who believe.  Drink from Jesus; only He can quench your thirst.

            Or do you prefer the “beers” of this world?

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