1 Chronicles 12 (December 16)

                                                               Today and Tomorrow

            “Indeed from day to day people kept coming to David to help him…

            Our Lord is an inexhaustible fountain of comfort and blessing.  His children depend on Him for their everyday sustenance, just as little chicks must rely on the constant care of the mother bird. We must realize that every second of our lives is a gift from God.

            David learned to trust in God for his daily provision and protection.  He was not employed at the moment and the government was not supporting him—in fact, he was being persecuted by a foolish and wicked king and the mountains and caves were his place of habitation.

            Nevertheless David was receiving opportune help from God for every day.  If he needed soldiers, God would send courageous men to him; if he lacked food, water or motivation, the Lord was his Shepherd— “he did not want.”  Finally, if the enemy was surrounding him close at hand, God was closer still and provided an escape door or a great victory.

            We live one day at a time.  God helps us today in accordance to the specific needs of TODAY.  Tomorrow, if we are still alive, we can trust that God will also be our Helper.

            Are you sad or depressed today?  You are not alone in your pain; many others (like me) suffer from defeat, failures and disappointments.  We feel alone and betrayed by God, but deep inside we know that somehow our Lord will help us today and …tomorrow.

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