1 Chronicles 10 (December 14)


            “…moreover, he had consulted a medium…”

            The Bible definitely prohibits any dealings with the occult.  Practices such as divination, astrology, spiritism, horoscopes, card reading, necromancy, idolatry, witchcraft and any other dark “art” or magic, are strictly forbidden for all and especially for believers.

            God specifically commanded the people of Israel to distance themselves from these pagan practices.  If anyone would dare to disobey and gaze into the stars, or consult a medium, that person would be executed by a “rain” of stones.

            In spite of all this, occult practices prevailed still in Israel.  Today many people dabble in the occult through books, games, movies, “psychics” and many other abominable mediums.

            A Christian is called to spread the truth and shine for Christ.  A follower of Christ must never follow after evil, but fight against it.  The occult is not a game and will never be “cool,” no matter how hard Hollywood tries to convince us.

            The ancient diviners have “evolved” into highly sophisticated and professional psychics, with their own telephone lines and TV and radio shows. You can visit their offices, call them on the phone or surf their web pages.

            We must teach others the truth and expose all the venomous lies of the occult.  Let us tell the world, that dead people are dead; that the occult comes from the devil and is evil; and that Jesus loves them and is able to transport them from darkness and despair, to hope and light.


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