2 Kings 23 (December 2)


            “…before the Lord…to follow the Lord…”

            The disciples of Christ Jesus face a great challenge every single day.  We have been called to live in holiness before (in front of) the Lord, while at the same time we must follow (behind) Him.

            The solution to this apparent dichotomy is an enigma to me.  How is it possible for us to be in two different places simultaneously? How can we follow Jesus and have Him in our hearts at the same time?

            The fact that must be remembered is that we are dealing with God here.  Our sovereign Lord is not limited by time or space.  Our God is everywhere—except of course, in the heart of an unbeliever.

            As a result of his greatness and omnipresence, it is possible for us to stand in his glorious presence and walk concurrently with him. He is in us, around us, above us, ahead of us and everywhere else in between. He is in our past; He walks with us in the present and He waits for us in the future.

            Let us remember furthermore, that the Son of God dwells in our hearts.  Therefore we believe in a God that is in heaven and inside of us; that walks ahead of us, but sits on his throne; that is always beside us.

            Knowing all this, we can say that is not difficult to minister before the Lord and walk in his steps.  We can do all these things and more—even if we do not understand every last thing about God, and who does?  Our duty is not to be able to explain all of God’s mysteries, but to obey him and do his perfect will…with his (omnipresent) aid. 

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