2 Kings 24 (December 3)

                                                          Rivers of Blood

            “…for the innocent blood that he had shed…”

            The Lord of life abhors the shedding of blood by murderers or tyrants.  “Thou shall not murder” is one of the Ten Commandments given to Moses by God (Exodus 20).  God especially hates the killing of innocent and unarmed people.

            Manasseh was a terrible murderer.  During his fifty-five year reign, he shed innocent blood all over Jerusalem.  As a result, the kingdom of Judah would be utterly destroyed and taken into captivity.

            “…and the Lord was not willing to pardon.”

            Do you really believe that God will forgive the (unrepentant) world of today, if he punished his own people?

            No, God will not forgive the countless murderers who roam the earth, shedding human blood.  Rivers of blood are running through this world as a result of wars, murders, assaults, terrorist attacks and millions of abortions.

            What can the children of God do?

            Well, we cannot change or judge anyone—only God can do that.  We can, however, pray for them and proclaim the gospel of Christ.  God’s Word can transform the heart of the most horrible assassin and turn him into a saint. His blood, shed on the cross, is able to impart life to those who believe.

            If God places a burden in your heart to do something else (e.g. fight against abortion, child abuse, domestic violence, etc.) then by all means do it in the name of the Lord!  Perhaps God can use some of us to cut the flow of the rivers of blood.

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