2 Kings 20 (November 29)

                                                             Home, Orderly Home

            “Set your house in order…”


            There was a rich family, who lived on a beautiful mansion in the suburbs.  Their house—including the gardens, pool and all the rooms—was always super clean and meticulously organized.  What a shame that we cannot say the same thing about the family that lived there!

            Not too far from them, there was an old, beaten house, which belonged to a not-so-rich family.  The paint was almost gone and the lawn filled with weeds, but they were so happy together!  This family had very little money, but they were rich in love, respect and honesty.

            The world of today is upside down.  We place a high priority on having a nice house “with all the toys,” but completely forsake our spiritual heritage.  The dishes are washed, but the hearts are stained with hate and discord; the rooms are picked-up, but our children are following the path of rebellion; the beds are fixed, but the marriage bed is not kept undefiled (Hebrews 13:4).

            Is this what an orderly home is supposed to be like? What does the Bible says about an orderly home? Organization and cleanliness is good, but real order in our homes is that which puts Christ in the first place of our lives.

            I think God is more interested in pure eyes, than clean windows.  The Holy Spirit can help us to have our house in order.  He will use God’s Word as the foundation; prayer as the roof and love as the bricks and mortar that will unite us in the Lord.  A house built and maintained by the Lord will never be destroyed.

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