1 Chronicles 8 (December 12)

                                                           Right on Target

            “…mighty warriors, archers…”

            Who has not read or heard or even watched the “stories” of either William Tell or Robin Hood?  Those two men became famous archers; whose skill was demonstrated by piercing an apple on top of his child’s head (Tell), and by piercing an arrow in the bull’s eye (Hood).

            The children of God can learn much from the archers.  In a sense, we are spiritual archers, because our actions and words are similar to arrows flying in search of a target.

            For example, if you are a parent, you are shooting your little “arrows” into the paths of God, hoping that your children would land on the target.

            Yes, our words are flaming arrows too.  With them, we can destroy others or bring hope and comfort to those in need.  If you want to be an archer for Christ, you must do the following:

  1. Have always a goal (target) in front of you.
  2. Concentrate on the goal that Jesus has for you.
  3. Practice your skills as a spiritual archer.
  4. Be patient and try again.
  5. Live in peace (a nervous archer will not hit the target).
  6. Learn to be precise with your “arrows.”
  7. Be always prepared (A good bow, and sharp arrows in your sack).

            We can learn to be expert archers for the Lord and when we do, our words and deeds will always be right on target.

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