1 Chronicles 9 (December 13)


            “…qualified for the work…”

            The church of Jesus Christ is in dire need of dedicated men and women for the work of the ministry.  Does this mean that everyone must become a pastor, a missionary or an international evangelist?  By no means!

            We need ministers and leaders, but there is a great shortage of followers or workers.  Are you a qualified worker in the kingdom of God?  What are the qualifications for a Christian worker? 

Some of them are,

            A pure heart who loves God

            A determination to serve the Lord

            A willingness to suffer for Christ’s sake

            A flexible disposition (availability)

            A commitment to never quit

            A total surrender of our whole being

            I long to become a qualified and effective Christian worker, that is not ashamed of the Gospel and brings glory to the Lord.  I want to be useful and ever-flowing like the widow’s oil, which was greatly multiplied by a miracle of God and was an instrument of God’s blessing.

            Our effectiveness is not measured by how many activities or ministries we may be involved in.  A Christian’s impact, will grow as our relationship with Christ deepens and is manifested through our lives.

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