1 Chronicles 7 (December 11)

                                                              Tidings of Comfort

            “…and his brothers came to comfort him.”

            A sick person needs medicine

            A lonely person needs a companion

            A happy person needs a song

            A sad and depressed individual doesn’t need criticism or condemnation, but comfort or consolation.

            When a person stumbles and meanders in a state of total sadness, that “afflicted soul” needs as much comfort, as he or she needs oxygen.  Even a sad person can find love and happiness sooner or later, but an individual who finds no consolation is like a fish out of the water.

            As Christians, we rejoice in the blessing of having the Holy Spirit as our heavenly Advocate or Helper, (Comforter, KJV).  He is available to us twenty-four hours a day for the rest of our lives.  The Spirit of God comforts us with his indelible and sweet voice in our darkest hours.

            But sometimes we also need our brothers and sisters’ comfort—A helping hand, a word of advice and a listening ear.  He, who finds friends like these, has been blessed indeed!

            Are you a “comforter” or a critic?

            If I had a problem in my life, or were consumed by grief, could I find comfort in your words and deeds?

            Are you a minister of consolation?

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