1 Chronicles 6 (December 10)

                                                                 Musical Ministry

            “…service of song in the house of the Lord…”

            The Lord has allowed me to attend several Christian concerts.  I would be lying if I would say that God has not blessed me in one way or another in all of them.  But I would be a great liar too, if I would rate all the concerts identically.  Some have been pure entertainment, others resembled a commercial enterprise and still others were almost political rallies.

            Nonetheless, I have had the privilege to be in concerts that are truly an offering to God and a heart-to-heart ministry.

            These Christian singers have ministered unto us with Christ-centered songs of praise and worship.  In those concerts, I’ve felt God’s presence and power not only through great songs, but also in their testimonies, prayers and Biblical exhortations.

            What a great joy is to see men and women serving God through music and song!  I have prayed for God to make a singer out of me, but so far my only audiences are the tiles of my bathroom.

            Music is a powerful medium that can be used either for good or evil.  Our enemy uses it to incite young people to use drugs, have illicit sexual encounters and become utterly violent.  God, on the other hand, uses this medium to touch people’s hearts, to bless Christians and to change sinners.

            We must use our musical abilities (if we have any) for God’s service.  Even if we can’t play any instrument, we certainly can serve God in other areas, while we lend our voices (and or hearts) to the chorus of true worshipers of the Lord.

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