1 Chronicles 3 (December 7)

                                                                           The Son

            “These are the sons of David…”

            “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”  Cried Bartimaeus on the road, before Jesus gave him back his sight (Mark 10:47).

            Jesus is the Son of David?  How is it even possible, that Jesus Christ—the Lord of all; the Son of God; the Creator of the heavens and the earth and the Savior of mankind—would be “son” of David too?

            David did not engender Jesus, but the Messiah came from the Davidic royal line.  Jesus was a (natural) descendant of David from his mother Mary, while Joseph (his legal guardian) came also from a long line of Davidic kings. This ensured his claim to the throne of Israel; a claim he never made for himself (John 18:33-37), but it was necessary to fulfill the prophecy that one day a SON of David would have an eternal kingdom.

            God made a covenant with David. In this pact, he promised him an eternal kingdom; a kingdom ruled by one of his sons.  Jesus is that SON; he is the King of Eternity. He is the King of glory.

            Every Christian is a spiritual son of David.  We have received Jesus, the Son of David, in our hearts by faith.  In Christ, we partake in all of the Davidic promises, including an eternal kingdom and a heavenly inheritance.

            We will reign with Christ forever, not in his stead.  He is our Messiah and the only King of heaven.  He came one day as a small baby but he shall return as the King of Glory.

            Are you waiting for him?

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