1 Chronicles 2 (December 6)

                                                                      Learning to Obey

            “…who transgressed in the matter of the devoted thing…”

            “Johnny, do not play with the gas range!”  The terrified mother screamed to her curious and accident-prone toddler.

            “But why mom?”

            “Well, because if you touch it, you can cause a great explosion and kill us all, that’s why!”

            Little children must be taught, that there are objects which should never be touched (e.g. electricity outlets) and places they shouldn’t go (playing in the middle of the street).  Why?  Because there is a great danger involved.

            We are like little children in the presence of the “Ancient of days.”  Our heavenly Father knows that we need his constant provision and protection, especially at the beginning of our spiritual journey with Christ.  As we mature, we learn to avoid the “danger zones” of temptation and sin.

            Some of us learn just by listening to the Holy Spirit’s warnings.  Others, a bit more “hard headed,” will only learn to avoid danger after a few mishaps (like Jonah).  Finally, there are always some individuals (Achan) who never learn and will die, because of their disobedience and sin.

            To which group of “learners” do you belong?

            Lord, teach me how to be an obedient Christian and fill me with your Spirit so I can actually have the power and the will to do so. Forgive me for the many occasions in which I have been disobedient and rebellious and change my heart.

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