1 Chronicles 1 (December 5)

                                                              Nimrod and Christ

            “Cush became the father of Nimrod…”

            Nimrod was not only the first “strong man” or world emperor; he was also held in high esteem by his father: The devil.  In a sense, Nimrod was the first in a long line of antichrists.

            Nimrod founded the city and kingdom of Babylonia and many other ancient cities.  He was the first dictator, from whom other tyrants have copied throughout the course of human history.  In a way, Nimrod is the “father” of oppression and cruel totalitarianism.

            This Babylonian dictator is also responsible for establishing a pagan system of worship, which included astrology, confessions, human sacrifices, sun worship and many other false rites and beliefs.

            Cursed was the day of his birth!  Nimrod’s evil influence has survived until our days, and it will become stronger as we approach the end times. We live in a world filled with “Nimrodites” and children of darkness.

            We are not afraid because we trust in our Lord Jesus Christ, who is King of kings and Lord of lords.  His eternal kingdom is closer and nearer every day.  The kingdom of God will come with the force and velocity of an avalanche, and who would be able to stop it?

            Christ, who is the Rock of Ages, will fall upon all the kingdoms of the earth and destroy the reign of evil of the antichrist.  On that day, there will be no more “Nimrods,” but only Christ and us…forever.

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