2 Kings 13 (November 22)

                                                            Bad Influence

            “…and followed the sins of Jeroboam…”

            Peer pressure exerts great influence over people of all ages, but especially among adolescents.  Sometimes good and wholesome kids do very stupid things, influenced by their good “friends.”  Among older persons, this strange phenomenon is known as “Groupthink.”

            Jeroboam, the wicked king of Israel, was a master in the art of influencing others for evil.  During his lifetime, he was able to convince ten tribes of Israel to separate and form a new (northern) kingdom.  Furthermore, he led his subjects into a dreadful state of idolatry and evil.

            While the good kings of Judah were compared with the righteous king David, all the (evil) kings of Israel were measured by the standard of wickedness set by the wicked Jeroboam.  What a terrible legacy he left behind!  His evil influence corrupted all the kings (including Jehu) that came after him and Israel was taken into exile because of idolatry and sin.

            May I ask you two questions?

            Who or what is influencing you today?

            Who are you influencing for Christ?

            May the Lord grant you the privilege to influence countless souls in the name of Jesus, but make sure first, that your heart is right before the Lord and that you are walking in the path of righteousness; otherwise your influence may lead others away from God.  Be a David… not another Jeroboam.

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