2 Kings 12 (November 21)

                                                           Beyond Question

            “They did not ask an accounting…”

            “Good afternoon, may I speak with Mr. Clayton?”

            “This is he; how can I help you?”

            “Well, my name is Mrs. Stevens.  I substituted in your son’s class today and I calling to informing you that Christopher, your son, broke a window in the school.”

            “Did you see him do it?”

            “Well, not exactly, but some kids in the classroom told me he did it.”

            “Can you hold on a moment?”  Said the annoyed father, while he called his son.

            “Tell me son, did you break the window?”

            “No dad.” replied the honest child.

            “I am sorry Mrs. Stevens, but my son did not break any window.  Have a good day!”

            The son’s word was enough for his father.  He had never lied before, even if it meant getting in trouble.

            The temple workers were faithful men, whose integrity was beyond question.  There was no need for supervision in any sense, as they worked hard and managed the finances in a godly and responsible manner.

            Do others trust you?  Is your word good enough?  If we want to become trustworthy individuals and people of unquestioned integrity, we must ask Christ to shape us according to his image and rule in our hearts.  He will make us men and women of virtue, honesty and faithfulness.

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