Sufficient Grace

              After celebrating this “Thanksgiving Time” we observe yearly in the U.S. I was pondering on another reason why we should be thankful: Sufficient Grace (generous benefit and or favor bestowed to someone who could never earn it).

               I don’t deserve you Lord Jesus. I don’t deserve your forgiveness, mercy and or grace. I still fall short; I sometimes think that I can live this life on my own strength. I say to myself: “God doesn’t know what I’m going through, He couldn’t possibly understand”.

               Oh, but your Word Lord reminds me of the grace you have bestowed on all those who have gone already; who did not deserve what you gave to them. You blessed those who were and even those that were not part of the people of Israel (Eve, Ruth, Rahab and Me).

               We pride ourselves by saying that we do much for the glory of God, but how much is enough? You gave your life on the cross, while none of your followers were there. Yet, your grace shed through your blood brought them back and those imperfect, scared, betraying disciples became the first vessels that carried, preached and lived the message of hope, grace and forgiveness through faith in Christ. That message has reached us and is still saving.

              We do NOT deserve anything good; we are only debtors. Oh Lord, may we look to you and see the grace that sets us free. This grace has freed us from our own sins. I pray that our testimony may show the world that “God’s grace is sufficient.”

              May we, your children boast like the apostle Paul said in 2 Corinthians 12:10, “…in weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities…” Make us like Jesus. May we be vessels that carry the marks of Christ, suffering through this life with joy and show Your grace to those who still don’t know you.

             Alexander and Mayra Gonzalez

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