2 Kings 11 (November 20)

                                                                          Soul Winners?

            “…then he showed them the king’s son.”

            Every Christian can be, and must be a messenger of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.  Some people call this great work, “evangelism” and they are right.  Others use the term “soul winners” to describe those who are actively engaged in this all-important labor.

            Although I don’t want to be controversial, especially in such a minute detail like a name; I must disagree with this term.  I sincerely doubt that anyone (with the exception of our Lord) in the world can “win” a soul for Christ.  Furthermore we cannot even be considered soul “seekers,” for this is the work of the triune God—who seeks and saves the lost souls.

            Then what are we? 

            Thanks for asking. I believe that, 

            We are messengers that proclaim the Good News.

            We are Ambassadors who speak in the name of the Eternal King.

            We are Lights which show the way to Christ, in the midst of a dark world.

            We are Salt which provokes a “thirst for salvation” in all who see our lives.

            We are Servants of God, who show Christ to the world, by our words and deeds.

            We are not “soul winners” in any sense of the word, but we are used by God to bring souls to Christ…and He wins them.

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