2 Kings 8 (November 17)

                                                         Days of Hunger

            “…the Lord has called for a famine…”

            Our Lord reigns over everything and his power has no boundaries, except to sin or do evil. No one can tell Him, “Why are you doing this?” God rules supreme over heaven and nature and He knows the number of the stars in the universe and the amount of the grain of sands in the world.  Our God is omnipotent—he can call forth the rain or a severe famine any time he wishes to do so.

            According to this passage, there was a great famine in all the land of Israel.  The same God who had blessed his people with manna, quails, water, rain and bountiful provisions in the wilderness was now “blessing” them with a season of hunger and tribulations.

            Hunger can be a great blessing in disguise for all the children of God.  When our need is the greatest, we run to our God as chicks run to the mother hen when danger approaches.  God is our Provider in our days of hunger and our Comforter in the midst of our misery.

            Always remember that the hand of God is behind everything that comes our way.  He has a definite purpose for our lives, even when incomprehensible calamities come and demolish our hopes and dreams.  There is a lesson to be learned in every situation, but especially on the days of hunger and misfortune.

            Being hungry is not a bad thing, if we learn God’s lesson and develop an upright Christian character.  Being hungry is a great thing, if we hunger for his righteousness, for his Word, and for God himself!

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