2 Kings 7 (November 16)

                                                                 The Best News

            “This is a day of good news…”

            Our eternal salvation in Christ is not only God’s greatest miracle, but it is also his best gift to us as well.  Jesus Christ is our Savior, and we have eternal life since the day we first believed in Him.

            This everlasting life is a treasure which is more valuable than all the riches and treasures of the world combined.  Only the precious blood of Jesus was able to pay the price of our redemption.

            The four men afflicted with the incurable leprosy went to their enemy’s camp.  Since they were going to die anyway, the lepers risked their lives in order to find some food.  What they found instead was an abandoned camp, full of treasures beyond measure.  God had delivered Israel!

            How great was their joy in that hour!  They ate and drank to their heart’s content and they were having a great time, until one of them remembered the thousands who were dying of hunger back in the besieged city.

            You and I have found a greater treasure: Jesus is the “pearl of great price” (Matthew 13:46) that is worth more than the whole world. The people of this world adorn themselves with filthy rags of sin instead of wearing this precious pearl of salvation.

            Today can be the “day of salvation” for someone you know.  Do not be silent, (you don’t have that right; it is only reserved for criminals) and communicate the good news of the gospel to those who are lost.  Ask God and your fellow believers for help and do it today, because today “is a day of good news.”

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