2 Kings 6 (November 15)

                                                      Great Company

            “…for there are more with us…”

            The police car was in hot pursuit of the bank thieves.  As they followed it into the highway, a hard rain began to fall.  All of the sudden, the policeman’s automobile began to swerve and,

            It went around once…

            It went around twice…

            And it went around three times before coming to a complete stop, facing the oncoming traffic!

            That night, on the news, the reporters tried to make sense out of this incredible event.  Neither the policeman, nor his car, was touched or even scratched during this fantastic ordeal.

            “How could this be possible?”  They asked him.

            “I believe I was protected by angels.”  Was his response, and you would agree, if you knew that this “incident” occurred during rush hour—unbelievable!

            The children of God are constantly surrounded by danger day and night, but we are protected by God’s power and by his angels.  We are never alone. There “are more with us” and “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4)

            If we would open the “eyes of faith,” we would be able to see chariots of fire all around us.  Yes, our enemies are strong, but our God and his angels are infinitely more powerful than they could ever be.  If we would understand this truth, fear and doubt would vanish from our lives forever!

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