2 Kings 5 (November 14)

                                                   The Miracle of Obedience

            “…Immersed himself seven times in the Jordan,”

            The proud Naaman learned an invaluable lesson—a lesson he would never forget for the rest of his life!  Naaman learned to be humble and obey the command of a “lowly” prophet from Israel.

            Naaman came to Israel in search of a miracle.  He was a famous general, but was afflicted with leprosy and came to Elisha expecting a miracle, just not exactly in the way proposed by the prophet. Many people in this world are always in the search of miracles. They want to see and experience God’s power and blessings, but they are not willing to obey or follow Him.

            Elisha sent the proud general to be “baptized” in the Jordan River not one, but seven times.  This command was similar to the one Joshua heard hundreds of years before:  To walk around Jericho for seven straight days.

            The key for Naaman’s cure was not related to the “holy” water of the Jordan River, nor to the amount of times (seven) he was told to immerse in the dirty river.  Obedience was the key and Naaman was not cured, until he humbled himself enough to obey God’s instruction.

            God still works miracles among those who obey Him and his Word.  Sickness is cured, families are restored and new people come to Christ when we listen and obey.  The greatest miracle, however, is to see how God has transformed sinners like us, into obedient disciples.

            Will you obey the voice of the Lord today?

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