2 Kings 4 (November 13)

                                                               God’s Vessels

            “There are no more.”

            The story of the prophet’s widow and Elisha, teaches us three important things:  a miracle, a cleansing and a disgrace.


            The miracle was exceptional, no doubt.  The oil “multiplied” just as the bread and fish did later on with Jesus.  This miracle occurs when a person believes in Christ and is baptized with the Holy Spirit, who never “runs out” and of whom we can be filled with every day.


            To be filled with the Spirit of God, we must be “clean” of sin and evil.  The widow searched for empty (clean) vessels to be filled with oil.  Likewise, we must empty ourselves before God and reject all the carnal appetites, to make room for Jesus, our King.


            It was truly a shame that there were no more empty vessels—even though they searched diligently for them.

            God is seeking today for more “empty vessels”—believers who are willing to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  God is looking for vessels of blessing, for “jars” that will pour out God’s power and love to a hungry generation.

            Are you a vessel of the Lord?

            Are filled with the Spirit of God?

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