2 Kings 3 (November 12)


            “…were it not that I have regard for king Jehoshaphat.”

            Elisha respected King Jehoshaphat, but had no regard for the wicked king of Israel.  Jehoshaphat was a man of God, who served the Lord with all his heart.  As a king of Judah, he did what was right in God’s sight, although his way was not perfect (and whose is?)

            Jehoshaphat earned the prophet’s respect with his overall godly demeanor.  Even though he made an alliance with an evil king in a time of war, he truly loved his God, as it is shown in his decision to inquire of the Lord through his prophet.

            Do you inquire of the Lord every day?

            Do you seek his Word to find his will for your life?

            Are we respected today by others around us who know that we are true servants of God?

            In an age where the name of God is mocked every day, and some of his servants have lost the respect of the general population; it is vital that we live in such a way that our lives will command the respect of others and the approval of God. Our testimony is the light that God will use to shine in the darkness of this world.

            If you expect praise and admiration from the world, you are certainly running on the wrong track. The world will never truly and totally accept the children of God. They might “admire” our godly example, but that admiration is nothing but jealousy and hatred in disguise. If you really want to impress somebody, why don’t you dedicate your life to God? He will be impressed by your faith and will reward you in due time!

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