2 Kings 1 (November 10)

                                                                   Is God Dead?

                “Is it because there is no God in Israel…?”

            A story is told of Martin Luther, that he was sad and depressed one day.  His wife approached him all dressed in black and stood next to him.

            “And who died now?” asked the reformer.

            His wife replied, “I believe that God is dead because I see you so sad.”

            “God is alive, now and forevermore!” Replied Luther; getting the message.

            Living without God is extremely dangerous.  Those who die in their sins never knew Jesus…and never will!  They shall see his glory in their hour of reckoning, but never again will they be able to see, hear or be close to the Lord.

            Have you ever wondered why are there so many believers who tend to forget the Lord?    When we make a decision without asking the Father for wisdom and guidance, we are ignoring the Lord.

            When depression takes hold of our soul for more than one day, we are ignoring the love and power of the Holy Spirit.

            The king was punished, because he did not seek God, but listened to the advice of Baal.  Three times the question; “Is there no God in Israel…?” is repeated.  The answer is yes; there is a God and therein lays Ahaziah’s sin.

            Oh Lord, I do declare that you are the one and only God.  You created my being and saved my soul.  Only in you will I trust and I will pray for you guidance in every decision.  Forgive me, comfort me and lift me up my Lord, because I cannot and will not make it without you, Amen.

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