1 Kings 22 (November 9)

                                                                     False Pretenses

          “I am as you are…”

             The president of a very prestigious university was annoyed and irritated by the fact that his colleague had not come to welcome him at the airport. He felt like the old general Naaman, when Elisha sent his servant to greet him at the door.

            “Good afternoon, are you Mr. Youngblood II?”  Two humble-looking students asked him.

            “That is correct, and who may you be?”

            “We have been sent to pick you up.  Doctor Smith was unable to come.  May we carry your luggage?”

            “No, I can carry it myself!”

            Poor president, his pride had blinded his eyes and he couldn’t see that we are all equal before God.  You and I are children of the same Father; who searches the hearts, but never looks at our diplomas or certificates.

            God could care less about how much money you have accumulated, or any other “distinction” such as social class or position. God is not impressed by our victories or accomplishments, but Jesus was impressed a few times by the faith of some.

            There is no reason then, for anyone to have a “superiority complex.”  As a Christian, I have no desire to impress anyone but God.  If someone thinks himself to be better than me, because he or she is a “Doctor,” “Reverend,” “President,” or the like, that person has forgotten that in Christ we are equal.

            If you are proud, lower your nose; if you feel inferior, lift up your head!

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