2 Kings 2 (November 11)

                                                     Chain of Faith

            “He picked the mantle of Elijah…”

            Today, on Veterans Day, we remember the many men and women who fought to preserve peace in the world with their heroic acts; they made it possible for us to enjoy freedom today and hopefully for many generations to come.

            Today, I also celebrate my mother’s birthday.  She has been very instrumental in my own development as a responsible human being.  My mother passed on to me many family values, which I now practice with my own family.

            The prophet Elisha is a symbol of a new beginning.  Elijah, the great prophet of God, was taken to heaven in a blazing chariot.  Moreover the country was ruled by a perverse king, who brought chaos and idolatry to Israel; and we are not including Syria’s frequent invasions.

            In these terrible circumstances, God raised up a new leader:  Elisha.  This was God’s way of communicating to Israel, that there was still hope for them; that He had not finished with this nation.

            Today’s church must take the mantle of the many “Elijahs” who have served God so faithfully in the past. We are the new servants and prophets of the Lord in this new generation. We must continue to add new links to the “chain of faith.”

            This generation of Christians must raise the banner of Salvation in Christ for all to see.  We are the “Elishas” of today; we have been called to continue the work of God on this earth, and by the grace of God, we will!

            Will you join today to chain of faith?

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