1 Kings 14 (November 1)

                                                                             Open Book

          “Go, disguise yourself…”


                Yesterday, and every October 31st, many people in the United States celebrated “Halloween,” even some Christians.  This pagan and diabolical celebration is characterized by the inordinate use of costumes and disguises.

            On Halloween night, children (and many adults) put on their ghostly and ghoulish costumes and masks, and go door-to-door asking for candies.  The (pagan) phrase “trick or treat,” is heard millions of times on this horrible night.

            Nevertheless, Halloween is not just a “kiddie’s night.”  Many teenagers and adults, take advantage of their disguise to commit crimes.  Some are minor (e.g. egg-throwing, etc.), but there is also theft, vandalism and even murder on Halloween night.  And let’s not forget that on this night witches and members of the satanic church celebrate this “holy” day by sacrificing animals and human beings.

            Jeroboam’s wife disguised herself with the intention of deceiving Ahijah, the prophet of the Lord.  Unfortunately, this is practiced today by “wolves” who infiltrate our churches disguised as saintly sheep.

            The real Christian needs no disguise, for he is already a saint in the Lord.  There is also no need for masks to impress anyone.  Our faces must be mirrors that reflect God’s glory, and show Jesus (in us) to the world.

            Those who disguise themselves are not interested in revealing their true identity, because they want to hide their wickedness.  Let us be “open books” where all can read about Jesus’ love.

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