1 Kings 13 (October 31)

                                                              One Word

                “…and an angel spoke to me…”

            One of the greatest values that I have tried to instill in my three sons (Daniel, Gabriel and Andrew) is for them to always be “men of their word.”  They have learned that a real Christian man only has one word; always tells the truth and always keeps all his promises.

            Our God only has one word.  What He says, it’s true and his promises are written with the holy blood of Jesus Christ.  His decrees are eternally unchangeable and his commandments immutable.

            The old prophet was aware of this truth, when he lied to the man of God from Judah. How sad it is to see men of God engaged in this kind of behavior. We are supposed to be a light to the world and not compromise with this world, so full of darkness and lies!

            The young prophet also knew it, but he chose to follow the old prophet’s advice and disobeyed God.  Why was the man of God so foolish?  Why did he listen to the voice of the old prophet who lied to him in God’s name?

            Paul tells us that there is only one gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ.  He who believes or follows another gospel is “anathema” or accursed (Galatians 1:6-9).  There is no other gospel, not even if it is announced or proclaimed by angels.

            Let us be men/women of one word even if it is costly or dangerous.  Let us listen to God’s Word and obey it.  Balaam and the foolish prophet did not listen and paid a dear price.

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