1 Kings 12 (October 30)


                “…that he alone had devised…”

            There was a good and honest man who respected everyone and was in turn, admired by all who knew him.  One day, his coworkers asked him if he was religious.

            “No, I am not religious at all!”

            “But, you must go to church a lot, don’t you?”

            “Well, as a matter of fact, I do attend church services every Sunday.”

            “And you are not religious?”


            “Then, what are you…an alien?”

            “I am a born again Christian!”

            “Oh!  And what’s the difference?”

            Many people in this world don’t know the difference between Christianity and worldly religions.  Christianity is a personal relationship with Christ.  The Word of God is our guide and faith in Jesus Christ is the key that opens heaven’s doors.

            The world’s religions are inventions of mankind.  There have been many “Nimrods” and “Jeroboams” throughout the course of history.  These men have invented their own (customized) religions and a great number of them have even used (parts of) the Bible, to give to their religions a touch of authenticity and authority.

            Dear reader, do not attempt to “invent” anything—especially another religion.  Seek God and you will discover the great wonders “hidden” in the pages of the Bible. The greatest treasure you will find is Jesus. Have you found Him yet?

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