1 Kings 10 (October 28)


                “…heard of the fame…”

            Michael Jordan is a very famous ex-basketball player.  At the peak of his fame, he couldn’t go out in public without being mobbed. He was and still is so famous, that he goes everywhere with an army of bodyguards. I even heard once (I don’t know if it’s true or not) that when he goes shopping he has to rent an entire shopping mall, to avoid any real or imagined danger.

            King Solomon was also a very famous individual.  His name was known all over the known world and his legendary riches were the envy of all the other kingdoms.

            Nevertheless, Solomon was more famous for his wisdom than anything else.

            The Queen of Sheba came to visit Solomon one day, after hearing about his great wisdom and knowledge.  She wanted to see firsthand, if all the “hoopla” about the king was true.

            Dear reader, what are you famous for?

            Did you know that the first century believers were extremely famous?  In every corner of the world, the name of Christ was very well known and his followers—the Christians—were also known for their boldness, love, proclamation of the gospel and good deeds.

            Christians must seek fame at all costs, but only godly fame.  The world is in need of good role models.  What a great opportunity for the church of Jesus Christ!  If our fame is godly and positive, they shall come and examine our lives to confirm their “suspicions” and will have the privilege of seeing Jesus in us.

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