1 Kings 9 (October 27)


          “So they are called the land of Cabul…”


                The word “Cabul” signifies something that has no value at all.  The “gift” that Solomon gave to King Hiram was so useless, that Hiram totally rejected it and was angry.  He had helped Solomon built a magnificent temple and all he received for his great service was…Cabul.

            This reminds me of my first Nativity (some people call it Christmas), after I returned to the United States.  Everyone gave me presents that year.  The only problem was that everybody’s gift was the same after-shave.  Now, I love after-shave, but ten bottles of the exact brand was “Cabul” to me.      

            What do we offer to God, the first fruits or Cabul?

            All of us carry two sacks or bags with us at all times.  One of them is large and full of garbage (Cabul), while the other one is smaller and filled with many good treasures. 

            When God asks something of us, from which of the two “sacks” do we get gifts for the Lord?

            The ideal response should be for us to always give God our best treasures.  If Hiram deserved a better gift from Solomon, how much more does our God deserve from us?  Once again I repeat that the Lord deserves our very best, not…Cabul.

            Let us always give our best to God. Many of us have promised to do great things for our Lord, but we rarely fulfill our promises and if we do it at all, we do it halfway. Give to God your best, do it first and do it with zest.

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