1 Kings 8 (October 26)

                                             A Cheer for God’s Ears

            “…then hear in heaven…”

            One of the best supernatural abilities of God is his great sense of hearing.  Perhaps you won’t find this “attribute” in a book of Systematic Theology, or offered in any Christian university or seminary, but you cannot deny the fact that God not only knows and sees, but he also hears everything.

            Our God and all the false gods in the world have one thing in common—they all have ears.  The only difference is that our Lord is the only one who actually hears the prayers of his followers.  The rest are false gods; man-made idols who will never be able to listen (Psalms 115).

            Millions of people pray daily and passionately I may add, to “deaf gods.”  Isn’t this a total waste of time and energy?  Isn’t this a great insult to the only Living (and hearing) God?  I can only imagine how sad must God be when he hears petitions addressed to dead and deaf idols!

            Our God has the capacity to hear our prayers. He hears the prayers we utter with our lips, as well as those we pray in our minds and hearts.  

            He also has the compassion and time to listen to us. God listens with supreme attention and interest, because He wants to bless our lives. 

            Best of all, God is in control of every circumstance and he has all power in heaven and earth.  You can be sure that God will hear and answer your prayers. He will answer with power and compassion, and for our good.

            Aren’t you filled with joy, when you know that God really listens to you?

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