1 Kings 7 (October 25)

                                                               Cat or Lion?

                “Pharaoh’s daughter, whom he had taken in marriage.”

            Once upon a time, a beautiful female cat fell desperately in love with a small lion cub.  The cat and the cub made a good couple and they were together all the time.  How sad that this “wonderful” union would end so soon!

            The cat’s family was always opposed to their matrimony, and they had all the reason in the world!  That cute little cub grew and grew so much, that he soon became an enormous and hungry lion.

            The lion despised the small cat and went far away.  The smaller feline, however, was not one who gave up easily and she followed her “love” wherever he went.  The lion, bothered by her constant “persecution,” wounded her with his paws and as she still followed him, he had no choice but to have her for lunch.

            Where was Solomon’s great wisdom when he decided to marry the Pharaoh’s daughter?

            She was probably a beautiful and tender woman on the outside.  On the inside, she was nothing but a hungry lion, which grew in power and influence until she was able to hurt the great King and lead him to become an idol worshipper.

            Woe unto us, if we don’t learn from Solomon’s mistake!  A wise Christian listens to his family’s advice, follows God’s Word and never brings dishonor to his loving Father. Do not be fooled by appearances, and beware of beauty or riches.  Make sure that you choose your friends (and spouse) well.  They may look like cats, but sometimes they may be hungry lions.

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