1 Kings 6 (October 24)

                                                          Trusted Companion

                “…and will not forsake my people Israel…”

            As a Christian, there is no greater privilege or joy for me than to know Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior.  Jesus is my Deliverer; he rescued me from sin and death and from the curse of the Mosaic Law.

            Not that the law was bad or evil, for we know that it was (and still is) good and perfect.  The only problem was that humanity has always been wicked and unable to perfectly fulfill the law.  Therefore, instead of receiving its blessings and promises, they were cursed.

            I thank God every day of my life (or at least, every time I remember) for his bountiful and undeserving grace.  We are indeed privileged to live under God’s grace and not be subject to a very restrictive and demanding law.

            The angels did not enjoy such a blessed privilege; neither did the people of Israel.  The Law of Moses was the “inflexible queen” of the Hebrews and even most of the promises contained in the “Torah” were conditional.

            Nevertheless, we can affirm most assuredly, that God’s grace has always been in operation.  Grace was manifested before, during and after the Mosaic Covenant.  But when Christ came to this earth, the grace of God literally exploded, touching millions of lives like never before.

            The grace of God is over-abundant and greater than our sins or problems.  His grace will reach Israel yet one more time, and is our most faithful companion.  Glory be to God for his wonderful grace!

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