1 Kings 5 (October 23)

                                                           Rafts to Riches

            “I will make it into rafts to go by sea…”

            The year was 1994.  Many international events made the headlines, including the ongoing exodus of Cuban rafters.  Thousands crossed the dangerous Florida Straits in fragile and hastily-made rafts.  Many, however, drowned in the treacherous sea or suffered from dehydration.

            Why did they risk their lives in this way? Why did they cross the sea, knowing that their chances of reaching the U.S. coast were slim at best? They wanted prosperity, peace and freedom—things they had never known.

            This is exactly what happened to the cedars of Lebanon.  Even though they were better off than the afflicted Cubans, they became “rafters” on their way to a glorious future.

            Trees are extremely beneficial.  They provide us with shade, fruits and wood for many varied uses.  Trees also play an important role in the rain cycle and produce oxygen, while at the same time eliminate toxins such as carbon dioxide.

            Nonetheless, those “wooden rafters” were chosen for a brighter future—they were used for the building of God’s temple in Jerusalem.  When they were trees, they were very useful to humanity, but now they were serving the Lord.

            All of us were spiritual rafters in the past, sailing to and fro in a sea of wickedness. Then, one day, we were rescued by Jesus, who gave us new life and a bright future.

            Now we serve God—there is no higher calling than that!

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