1 Kings 4 (October 22)

                                                                   Wise Guy

            “God gave Solomon very great wisdom…”

            Wisdom is a gift from God.  Wisdom cannot be bought in a supermarket and it’s not acquired in any university.  Wisdom is a very valuable treasure, but God offers it freely to those who ask for it (James 1:5).

            Solomon asked God for understanding and discernment and God made him the wisest man in the world.  I believe Solomon was already a wise individual, even before God granted his wish.  He could have chose anything, but only asked for wisdom and God greatly multiplied his knowledge and insight.

            We have free access to this kind of wisdom in Christ.  Perhaps we will never be as wise as Solomon was, but we can have wisdom from God.  The only thing we need to do is ask.

            “And what is wisdom good for, when I don’t have food on the table or insurance for my family?” Someone may say.

            Wisdom is a spiritual gift that goes beyond mere human knowledge, or natural intelligence.  A wise believer is able to make the best decision in every situation, while he conducts himself in a manner worthy of our God.

            Knowing all this, we can conclude that it is infinitely better to be wise and poor, than to rely upon our own human abilities to “make it big” in this life.  A wise person will surely (though perhaps slowly) prosper, as his/her wise decisions bring forth its fruit in due time.

            Are you wise?

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