2 Samuel 12 (October 6)

                                                          Holy Touch

            You are the man!”

            In every congregation there are, I suppose, brothers and sisters who are professionals in the art of “elbowing.” The ribcage of their relatives and friends have been “blessed” by the touch of their elbows.

            Who among us has not been elbowed during a sermon by someone who thinks that the message applies specially to our lives? This “holy touch” is given to us with the purpose of letting us know God is speaking to us. Perhaps we are guilty of elbowing a few people ourselves!

            Isn’t this a blatant display of hypocrisy on our part? We see clearly everyone else’s sins, but not our own. We are willing to punish their iniquities severely and immediately, but we apply a healthy dose of mercy, compassion and forgiveness to our own shortcomings. The log in our eyes always seems to be conspicuously smaller than the little speck in someone else’s eyes.

             Which university granted us a degree in “Constructive” Criticism? Who has commissioned us as judges or spiritual prosecutors?  Certainly not God, for he is the only one who judges every heart.

            Instead of spending time observing and criticizing others, we must learn (and practice) the art of self-examination. Let us forget about our elbows in the temple and open our hearts in the presence of the Lord. Do no impart a holy touch to anyone, but listen to God’s message to you. Humble yourself and God will touch, clean and sanctify your life.

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