2 Samuel 13 (October 7)

                                                             Loveless Love

            “I love Tamar…was seized with a very great loathing…”

                        Jesus loves me this I know

                        For the Bible tells me so

                        Jesus loves me, this I know…

                        But the world doesn’t love me so.

            The message of this (rearranged) chorus is simple, yet truthful. Jesus loves us; but the society in which we live knows little about true love…God’s love.

            The “love” that the world practices is not really love. The kind of love portrayed in magazines, soap operas and motion pictures is just glorified lust. Sexual relations outside marriage and uncontrolled (animal-like) passions are defined as “love” by those that have never known about real love.

            Amnon exhibited this kind of “loveless love” so common in our days. He thought he was in love with his sister Tamar, but in reality it was the “love” of a rapist or child molester. True love never forces itself on anyone. If what Amnon felt was love, why did he reject Tamar after he raped her?

            Perhaps if Paul had written I Corinthians 13 sooner, none of this would have happened? The wicked Amnon would have learned what true love is like and perhaps he would have never committed such a monstrous act…perhaps?

            True love is only found in God, for God is love. Christ is our first love and he teaches us how to love God and humankind. Why do we even taste the world’s loveless love when we can enjoy pure love in Christ?

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