2 Samuel 10 (October 4)

                                                             True Love, Helps

            “…you shall help me…then I will come and help you.”

            Two brothers set out one day on a hiking adventure.  This was not their first trip by any means, for they were veteran climbers.  What was so unusual about this expedition, was the fact that this was their first solo trip.

            As they were climbing the mountain, they were joking about some of their earlier mishaps.  The older brother was embarrassed as he was  reminded by his sibling, of the time when his pants were “captured” by a hungry bear.

            They were having so much fun climbing the steep mountain, on a gorgeous day that they failed to notice that one of the ropes was not properly fastened to the rock.  The result was immediately felt, as the younger brother fell several hundred feet to the base or foot of the mountain.

            As you can expect this was an isolated place, so the young man decided to carry his injured brother to the nearest hospital.  He walked for two straight days until he found a ranger’s cabin…and his brother was saved.

            This should be our attitude towards our brothers and sisters in the Lord.  Jesus told us to carry each other’s burdens and to help them in any way we can. When was the last time that you “carried” your brother or sister in the Lord?

            We must be an example of love to this world.  If the ranger was amazed by the brother’s love, how much more the world needs to see genuine love among true Christians!  We do not need more conflicts and divisions, but love, cooperation and peace in our common Lord, Jesus Christ. 

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