2 Samuel 1 (September 25)

                                                                       Mighty Good

            “How the mighty have fallen!”

            In Washington DC there is a monument called the “Vietnam Veterans Memorial,” better known as “The Wall.”  This memorial is visited by thousands or perhaps millions every year, including foreign dignitaries and heads of state from almost all the nations of the world.

            This wall is filled from top to bottom with the names of those fallen in action during the war.  There is also a flame that never dies— a silent and perpetual homage to the courageous heroes who died for their country.

            The Bible also speaks of “mighty” and valiant men and women that fought the battles of the Lord in the past.  Their lives are a worthy example to those of us who walk with God today. As Hebrews 11:38 affirms, “…of whom the world was not worthy.”  The caliber of these ancient believers was so great that is extremely difficult to match in our days.

            Nevertheless, I can testify that there are still great servants of God alive today! God raises a faithful remnant in every generation and he has mighty Christians scattered all over the world.

            When I think of Abraham, Moses, David, Paul, Peter and many other heroes of the faith, my soul vibrates with holy passion, as I want to be like them—a mighty, valiant and courageous follower of God.

            God, I thank you for all the great believers of the past. I want to be like them: Faithful, obedient and useful. Change me, Father and make me like them.

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